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By axing Nokia X series, Microsoft gets to focus entirely on the Lumia brand

Special report by our Indian technical correspondent

In an email to Microsoft employees last week [July 2014], CEO Satya Nadella announced that the company would lay off 18,000 employees over the course of the year and most of them (12,500) would be from Nokia‚Äôs handset division. These layoffs are Microsoft’s way of restructuring around a Nadella’s view of Microsoft as a “mobile first, cloud first” organisation. Continue reading

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Rajeev Suri named new Nokia CEO moving up from NSN

Heavy duty Indian connexion for both Nokia & Microsoft

Having completed the sell-off of its Devices & Services division to Microsoft, Nokia has named Nokia Rajeev Suri as its new CEO. Its a predictable move since Suri had been heading up the solutions & networking division – formerly Nokia Siemens Networks [NSN]. It is reported that Nokia currently acquires around 90 per cent of its remaining revenues from the networking division. But there’s a strong connexion between Suri and current Microsoft chief Satya Nadella both were MIT student -just a year apart. Not at the Massachusetts Instute of Technology as you might have thought but at the Manipal Institute of Technology near Mangalore in Karnataka. Continue reading

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Microsoft finally clinches the Nokia Devices deal

Plans to plan in the affordable mobile devices market, though

Yesterday [April 25th 2014] Microsoft finally completed its acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services business. The curious thing is that the deal doesn’t cover everything. Nokia told its users that , “it will continue to run its businesses, including HERE location-based products and services, which are not part of the Microsoft acquisition. With the completion of this sale, the Nokia Devices & Services business will be part of a Finnish entity, Microsoft Mobile Oy, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. ” No surprises for guessing who got the job of heading up the Microsoft Devices Group? Step forward Stephen Elop who is former Nokia President and CEO. Continue reading

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Nokia’s bet on Android smartphones is working with Nokia X in India

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

Many were sceptical about the success of Nokia X series of Android smartphones when they were officially announced because those devices don’t use Google’s version of Android. They use AOSP [Android Open Special Project] instead. According to internal rumours, even Microsoft was trying to put an end on Nokia’s Android plans. Nokia X might also be the reason for Microsoft’s hurried acquisition of Nokia. Continue reading

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Nokia is only real player in WP8 market

HTC & Samsung’s WP8 phones account for >5% of sales says Tamoggemon

Microsoft’s buy-up of Nokia turned quite a few heads in the mobile industry. Consequently, pundits expected rival manufacturers Samsung and HTC to both be ired by this announcement. This can not be father from the truth because their Windows Phones simply don’t sell in meaningful numbers, according to Tamoggemon Holding‘s CEO, Tam Hanna. So they aren’t bothered. These shocking stats were obtained by analysing the purchasers of Tamoggemon’s scientific calculator -TouchCalc. Even more reason for Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, to ditch the manufacturing bits of Nokia like Google has done with Motorola Mobility. Continue reading

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Nadella gets Microsoft CEO job not Vestberg or Elop

Will Microsoft do a Google & lose its mobile phone arm?

Having predicted that Microsoft might well adopt a ‘mobile first’ approach and take on a mobile industry star as its new CEO, we find that Satya Nadella – Microsoft’s former head of cloud computing ha sgot the job. At least we had named Nadella in the possible Steve Ballmer succession race here. But does Nadella’s triumph signal a new emphasis in Microsoft’s thinking away from Nokia – the company which Nadella challenger, Stephen Elop, helped to bring to the company (and to its knees)? Incidentally, so much for the head of Ericsson – Hans Vestberg, getting the job. Continue reading

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Rumours say Microsoft is considering Ericsson chief

GoMo News still thinks Elop should be in the running

It’s an indication of the way Microsoft is thinking that the CEO of a highly successful mobile company should be rumoured to be in the running to take over from Steve Ballmer at Microsoft. If you want to move the company away from the desktop and into a mobile centric environment why not steal the CEO of what must the the cellular industry’s most obvious survivor – Ericsson? Well, luckily the rumour mill also reckons that there are around another 19 names in the running besides Ericsson CEO, Hans Vestberg. However, GoMo News has for a long time (see here) argued that Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, should get the job because he has all the ruthlessness required for a top slot at the Redmond based operation. Continue reading

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