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Rajeev Suri named new Nokia CEO moving up from NSN

Heavy duty Indian connexion for both Nokia & Microsoft

Having completed the sell-off of its Devices & Services division to Microsoft, Nokia has named Nokia Rajeev Suri as its new CEO. Its a predictable move since Suri had been heading up the solutions & networking division – formerly Nokia Siemens Networks [NSN]. It is reported that Nokia currently acquires around 90 per cent of its remaining revenues from the networking division. But there’s a strong connexion between Suri and current Microsoft chief Satya Nadella both were MIT student -just a year apart. Not at the Massachusetts Instute of Technology as you might have thought but at the Manipal Institute of Technology near Mangalore in Karnataka. Continue reading

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101: TD-SCDMA – the 3G standard backed by China’s CATT

Why Apple has suddenly become interested in this technology

The recent [October 2013] revelation that Apple might be looking to curry favour with China Mobile (the world’s largest mobile network operator (MNO)) has renewed interest in a 3G technology called TD-SCDMA. It standards for Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access but the crucial point is that TD-SCDMA was championed by CATT (China Academy of Telecommunications Technology). Hence it is utilised by China Mobile which first tested TD-SCDMA based networks in eight cities – including Beijing and Shanghai – between April and July 2008. This was just in time for the 2008 Olympic Games which began on August 8th 2008 in China. The rumour is that Apple might produce a TD-SCDMA handset by using Qualcomm chips. Continue reading

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The Windows 7/3G dongle Saga: – 3 UK to the rescue

Rating: Lateral thinking – use a completely new dongle

GoMo News has utilised these pages before to describe the trials and tribulations it has experienced while attempting to access the Net using a mobile broadband dongle here. None of these problems happened until we ‘upgraded’ to Windows 7 on our Samsung NC10 netbook from Windows XP. Despite our valiant attempts, none of the three different mobile broadband dongles in our possession would work in conjunction with Microsoft’s latest version of Windows (7). We can, however, now report that we’re back in business thanks to our friends at mobile operator, 3 UK. The company has kindly loaned us a (fourth) mobile broadband dongle. And this one actually works Continue reading

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Nokia Siemens launches broadband quality tester

Rating: Appears to rely on Ciqual client running on notebooks

The whole industry is becoming acutely aware that the quality of 3G data connexions is going to become a big issue. Hence Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has launched a service which it is calling a ‘Mobile Quality Analyzer for Mobile Broadband’. The idea is to provide real-time data on connectivity bottlenecks in an operator’s network and combine that with customer feedback on network quality. NSN is describing this facility as ‘crowdsourcing’ mobile network optimisation. It requires participants to download a client to their device but NSN neglected to mention which devices it covers. Does it run on an iPhone, for example? Continue reading

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Mobile operators should share LTE networks

lteA fantastic tidbit came out of the Netherlands today, where Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) is looking forward to LTE. But the network builder is of the opinion that it would be “not viable” for each operator in the country to create its own 4G network, and that they may even share core networks. Continue reading

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Deutsche Telekom claims first LTE voice call using VoLGA

Rating: We’re obviously getting closer to real LTE
It’s frequently overlooked when discussing 4G networks that, besides providing high speed data links, such networks need to carry the boring stuff too – voice and SMS. Well, thanks to the VoLGA Forum, Deutsche Telekom claims it has made the first LTE phone call. Sadly, VoLGA is not [...]

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IMImobile Takes Over Music2You Service From Nokia Siemens Networks

Expanded service scope consolidates IMImobile’s position in European markets and lays the foundation for further expansion
MWC 2009, Barcelona, Spain -18th February 2009 – IMImobile, specialist provider of technology platforms and value added services to mobile operators and media companies worldwide announced today that it has taken control of the Music2You (M2Y) service previously provided by [...]

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Blyk expansion – an update

Rating: Membership numbers slip out courtesty of Nokia Siemens

A snippet put out by my old friends, Nokia Siemens Networks has revealed more details of the ad-funded network, Blyk‘s expansion. Specifically the Netherlands and Belgium.
Significantly, the release says “More than 200,000 people in the U.K. have taken advantage of the program.” That’s an update to Blyk’s [...]

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Symbian transformation to Open will take time

Rating: Legal and technical hurdles to overcome
The momentous news that Nokia intends to help transform Symbian into an open source OS has taken most observers – and plenty of affected employees, too – completely by surprise.
However, the open source code for the Symbian Foundation won’t be appearing on user group sites tomorrow.
It’s going to take [...]

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