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Rajeev Suri named new Nokia CEO moving up from NSN

Heavy duty Indian connexion for both Nokia & Microsoft

Having completed the sell-off of its Devices & Services division to Microsoft, Nokia has named Nokia Rajeev Suri as its new CEO. Its a predictable move since Suri had been heading up the solutions & networking division – formerly Nokia Siemens Networks [NSN]. It is reported that Nokia currently acquires around 90 per cent of its remaining revenues from the networking division. But there’s a strong connexion between Suri and current Microsoft chief Satya Nadella both were MIT student -just a year apart. Not at the Massachusetts Instute of Technology as you might have thought but at the Manipal Institute of Technology near Mangalore in Karnataka. Continue reading

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China Mobile may seek tie up with Vodafone

Latest speculation about leading British global MNO

An intriguing rumour has surfaced in the UK’s Daily Mail here. The newspaper quotes unnamed sources as suggesting that the world’s largest MNO [Mobile Network Operator] might be interested in taking a stake in Vodafone. Which was previously the world’s largest MNO, of course. A hook up has a great deal of logic. The newspaper points out, for example, that the pair have co-operated in the past. They joined forces to bid for a mobile licence in Burma, for example. What most intrigues GoMo News, however, is references to China Mobile’s interest in co-operating with Vodafone in Africa. We can think of two good reasons behind this. Continue reading

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101: TD-SCDMA – the 3G standard backed by China’s CATT

Why Apple has suddenly become interested in this technology

The recent [October 2013] revelation that Apple might be looking to curry favour with China Mobile (the world’s largest mobile network operator (MNO)) has renewed interest in a 3G technology called TD-SCDMA. It standards for Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access but the crucial point is that TD-SCDMA was championed by CATT (China Academy of Telecommunications Technology). Hence it is utilised by China Mobile which first tested TD-SCDMA based networks in eight cities – including Beijing and Shanghai – between April and July 2008. This was just in time for the 2008 Olympic Games which began on August 8th 2008 in China. The rumour is that Apple might produce a TD-SCDMA handset by using Qualcomm chips. Continue reading

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Apple pact with China Mobile ‘closer’ as it seeks new regional boss

Deal with China’s largest carrier could open iPhone floodgates

A breakthrough by Apple in China could soon be on the cards after the Cupertino giant posted an advert for someone to manage its operations in the region, insisting that “extensive knowledge” of the TD-SCDMA comms protocol was needed – as used exclusively by China Mobile. In August this year [2013] research firm IDC reported that Apple was still losing ground in China, where its market share almost halved in the past year. But that could be reversed if Apple could strike a deal with China Mobile, the nation’s largest carrier with around 750 million subscribers but which has yet to offer a subsidised iPhone on its network. Continue reading

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China Mobile may offer multi-mode Android phone for TD-LTE

Rating: Apple to produce 4G iphone 5 for China

There are several reports that China Mobile has produced a test Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) handset capable of supporting three different network modes. These multiple modes are TD-LTE (for 4G), TD-SCDMA (for 3G) and GSM (for basic communications). China Mobile is probably the world’s largest mobile operator with around 744 million users. It has already built around six TD-LTE networks in China and hopes to offer a commercial multi-mode handset in Q3-Q4 2012. These reports are linked to other rumours that Apple has definitely agreed to produce a TD-LTE version of the iPhone 5 for China Mobile. Continue reading

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Android helps Motorola sell smartphones – official

Rating: Rumours of Verizon iPhone spoil the party

Everyone’s chirping about the news from Motorola that Android has made a very positive impact on its revenues with its Motorola Devices division having made the first Q3 profit in three years. But look at the figures: – 9.1 million phones (including 3.8 million smartphones) in a single quarter. Motorola used to be the No. 1 supplier! Anyway, the fly in the ointment is the rumour that Apple might just be gearing itself up to produce a cdmaOne version of its iconic iPhone. The Sprint/Verizon sector has been good for Motorola with the Droid 2 on Verizon Wireless, for example. Now Apple might muscle in. Continue reading

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Winwap technologies turns 15

Rating: Is it really that long ago that the world first gave us WAP?
How time flies. Probably one of the oldest specialist mobile software houses in the business, announced it has just turned 15 years old. Winwap joined the mobile web community by creating the world’s first WAP browser to run on PCs back in1999.
Subsequently, [...]

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ITU debating which tech to adopt as 4G

Rating: six way fight
Wow. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has received no fewer than six candidates for providing the next generation of mobile networks which is commonly referred to as 4G. The ITU calls it IMT-Advanced.
This situation is very reminiscent of the fight which took place over 3G where, effectively, three different versions [...]

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Is China wise to launch TD-SCDMA @ the Beijing games?

Rating: the stars don’t look too good

The dangers of relying on untried and tested new technology have been brought home to us Brits by the present debacle at Heathrow Terminal 5. What if the same thing were to happen at the Beijing Olympics [2008]? It looks like the Chinese government will forge ahead with providing a 3G service in the Olympic cities via the home-grown standard TD-SCDMA. That move could either establish TD-SCDMA on par with the likes of W-CDMA and CDMA2000. Or the whole thing could backfire terribly. Continue reading

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