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Top Connect unveils Think Global, Act Local strategy for its Pre-Paid TravelSim service

Local numbers from device power-up

Press release

March 13th 2014. Telecommunications firm, Top Connect, has unveiled a Think Global, Act Local business policy that will see business travellers and tourists using the pre-paid TravelSim service being automatically provided with ‘local’ national numbers from device power-up. The rationale behind this policy is to encourage more data downloads when its user base are travelling, enabling them to obtain the best data rates available when they switch on their devices. Continue reading

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Roaming specialist TravelSim continues its expansion

Plotting to move into the UK any time now

Roaming onto another cellular network is a hot topic in Europe right now – chiefly because EU officialdom is mad keen to stamp out extra cellular charges within EU’s boundaries. With such a level of Media exposure, it’s hardly surprising that companies such as TravelSim (Top Connect) are expanding rapidly. The TravelSim card is specifically targeted at travellers – both business folk and tourists. GoMo News recently got the chance to have a cozy chat with TravelSim’s Mikhail Markin who revealed that his company is still rapidly expanding its reach. And one of the territories where it still has plenty of opportunities for resellers is in the USA. But not everyone needs to be a full MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] to offer TravelSim’s products Continue reading

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MWC: WorldSIM launches Orbizz dual SIM smartphone for international roamers

More proof that 2014 is year of the dual SIM phone

Pretty much as predicted by GoMo News, an international roaming specialist, WorldSIM has launched a new dual SIM smartphone – the Orbizz. This handset will enable users to receive free international roaming in almost 100 countries. The company claims that this 3G GSM quad band dual SIM phone is one of the few such handsets available in the market. Although it is unlocked, the Orbizz comes with a travel SIM card from WorldSIM (worth £20) that gives cheap call and data worldwide. Continue reading

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How to roam efficiently @ MWC Barcelona Part 2

Surf only with Euros or voice & data with TravelSIM

Previously we outlined why it would be sensible to get your hands on a dual SIM handset whilst attending MWC 2014 in Barcelona. That way you can still receive calls made to your home network telephone number whilst enjoying low cost roaming calls and surfing. Well, there are a couple of alternatives to all of the hassle involved in sourcing a local (Spanish) SIM as the second card. One is to sign up to the TravelSim service whilst the other is to acquire a Goodspeed portable Wi-fi hotspot from Uros. There’s a good chance some GoMo News readers will like the TravelSIM so much they sign up as distributors. Continue reading

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TravelSim users collectively saved $200m + whilst roaming in 2013

Particularly attractive service for business travellers

Business travellers in particular are always looking for ways to reduce their roaming charges (particularly for data) whilst on trips abroad. And here’s concrete evidence that Top Connect’s TravelSim can help. TravelSim’s userbase is made up of direct users along with customers of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) across the world. More than half (roughly 60 per cent) are business travellers. Well, collectively, TravelSim’s 3.5 million userbase saved over $200 million in calling and data download charges during 2013. Continue reading

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Skype & TravelSim offer free calls to World Cup footie fans

Aimed at those going to the World Cup in Brazil for Summer 2014

Let’s face it. It has been estimated that for soccer fans travelling from England it will cost around £10, 000 in flights, tickets and accommodation. And that’s just for the three opening group games. Love ones left at home are bound to worry. Which is why two Estonian based technology firms TravelSim and Skype have teamed up to make it free for Skype users to call all TravelSim mobile users. The beauty of this arrangement is that the TravelSim user doesn’t even need a data connexion. Continue reading

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Free calls to World Cup soccer in Brazil next Summer from TravelSim

Estonian technology firms Skype and TravelSim in unique link-up meaning families from all over the world can keep in touch for free with football fans at the World Cup in Summer 2014

Press release

Mobile travel expert, TravelSim has teamed up with fellow Estonian based company Skype making it free for Skype users to call all TravelSim mobile users. This first of its kind agreement means families can stay in touch for free with football fans in Brazil for the World Cup soccer next Summer [2014]. Continue reading

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