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Facebook turning to developing markets with Lite app

Social network usage in Asia increasing 26% year on year

Facebook has just soft-launched a new app for Android – ‘Facebook Lite’ , which on the face of it is aimed at emerging markets. The move to largely unexplored regions is logical, given that in developed markets social media sites have probably reached saturation levels. However, it might well not be quite enough to simply make a lighter version of the standard app to contend with the myriad of devices out there plus slower connexion speeds. According to Marco Veremis, CEO with Upstream in order to succeed in developing markets, Facebook will also need to have local understanding. Continue reading

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Firefox barking up right tree with Intex Cloud FX

Should prove ideal upgrade for Indian featurephone users says Upstream

Mozilla and Intex have just launched the first Firefox OS phone in India. It’s called the Intex Cloud FX and costing just 1,999 Rs (£19.90). The device is aimed at emerging markets consumers who are looking to upgrade from a featurephone to their first smartphone. The Cloud F”s low price should prove very attractive to this target audience. Upstream recently undertook research into consumer attitudes in emerging markets earlier in 2014 with Ovum that shows Mozilla is barking up the right tree. Continue reading

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Samsung feels the heat from local producers

China’s Xiaomi and India’s Karbonnare the beneficiaries

It appears from the latest revenue figures from Samsung that the handset giant is coming under great price pressure from local phone manufacturers. It is interesting to see that Samsung is struggling in key emerging markets such as India and China due to local competitors plus a lack of relevance for Chinese consumers who want more high-end devices. Samsung seems to be losing out to China’s Xiaomi and India’s Karbonnare. By contrast, when Apple recently shared its results these included growth in China, which accounted significantly for its increase in earnings. Continue reading

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Upstream says Nokia is aiming X2 @ India

We say Nokia is competing vs Blackberry over Indonesia

Even though the original Nokia X is barely six months old, last week [June 24th 2014] the handset division of Microsoft launched the Nokia X2. It’s running what most observers refer to as a ‘forked’ version of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) but this time it has a more Nokia/Microsoft style UI. It’s also avoiding Google’s Play app store as far as technically possible. If users aren’t content with the Nokia Store, then the handset vendor recommends other stores such as 1Mobile Market, Aptoide, SlideME, Mobango and Yandex. Now Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream reckons that Nokia is definitely targeting India with this device. Given that it should be priced sub INR 8,000 (€99) that seems a fair assumption. However, GoMo News thinks it has spotted a deliberate attempt to competing in Blackberry’s favourite market – Indonesia. Continue reading

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Emerging market consumers call for new Samsung Tizen handsets to provide improved payment and content solutions

Emerging market consumers want better access to health, finance and education services via their mobile

Press release

June 2nd 2014. Following Samsung’s launch of its first Tizen smartphone (Samsung Z), which many have speculated will be targeted squarely at emerging markets, new research from mobile marketing specialists Upstream has found that consumers in developing markets are calling for the handset to more readily provide relevant, localised content and services as well as more appropriate payment mechanics and pricing models. Upstream’s new research, which polled the views of a representative sample of 4,504 consumers in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam in conjunction with analyst house Ovum, features in its latest report entitled The Next Mobile Frontier. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Z3 ships in Indonesia on May 15th

No pics of the limited Jakarta version yet?

So the the Blackberry Z3 will finally ship in Indonesia tomorrow [May 15th 2013] and the Jakarta version will only be available in that country for the meantime. Strangely, although there’s supposed to be a limited edition of the smartphone with Jakarta emblazoned on its back, GoMo News can’t find a pic of it. However, UTB blogs here boasts a pic of a BlackBerry with John Chen’s signature on the back. Perhaps that’s it? Anyway, according to Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream, the Z3 is not an innovative handset but reveals a lot about BlackBerry’s approach to emerging markets. Continue reading

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X not enough to save Nokia in merging markets

Plus HERE Maps wasn’t part of the acquisition

Despite elation amongst the financial markets that Microsoft had finally acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division, Noka actually managed to post a year-on-year decline in handset sales by 30 per cent. Nokia also revealed an operating loss of $452 million. In Nokia’s defence, one observer suggested that Nokia’s patent licensing business pulled in roughly $119 million in profit over the last three monthsand that HERE maps brought in $13.8 million. However, Nokia admitted that “Our Smart Devices net sales were affected by competitive industry dynamics including the strong momentum of competing smartphone platforms.” According to Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream, “Emerging markets consumers’ desire for smartphones is increasingly being met by an onslaught of cheap handsets from all corners.” Continue reading

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Guest Post: Is the Nokia X seeing stars?

by Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager, Upstream

Nokia’s attempts to break into emerging markets bore fruit in the shapely form of the X. The device combines what Nokia considers to be the best of Android with what makes Nokia the third most desired brand in India – great style, great heritage and a simple UI. In fact, 17 per cent of Indian consumers polled in our [Upstream's] latest consumer attitudes report said they would like to buy a Nokia as their next phone. Compare that to China where only 4 per cent of consumers lust after a Nokia handset, and you would imagine that the Nokia X would sell much more easily in India than it would in China. Continue reading

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Cookie cutter approach to mobile advertising in emerging markets will fail

New report finds a little bit of ‘luck’ and a tailored approach garners most responses over mobile in the developing world

Press release

November 29th 2013. With the developing world identified as home to the fastest growing mobile connections, a new report warns brands and businesses not to take a ‘one size fits all’ mobile advertising approach to emerging market consumers. Instead, companies must take into account factors such as time of day, days of the week and the specific words that resonate with consumers from country to country, when deploying mobile marketing campaigns. The ’2013 Cracking the Emerging Markets Report’, from marketing technology company Upstream, captures insights from mobile marketing campaigns across Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil and Cameroon, that reached 223 million consumers. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Exposing global attitudes to mobile marketing

by Marco Veremis, CEO with Upstream

As smartphone usage continues to grow at an exponential rate, reaching global consumers via their devices is becoming increasingly important for major brands and businesses. While this is somewhat commonplace in the West & North America, sights are now set on the emerging markets, where the number of mobile connexions is expected to make a significant leap over the next few years. In fact, by 2017 Ovum expects China, India, and Indonesia, to have 3 billion mobile connexions between them. here i’m going to discuss why I think that mobile is such an integral marketing channel in developing regions. Continue reading

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No surprises – reaction to Microsoft buying Nokia’s handset bit

Microsoft now has Nokia’s licensing deal with Qualcomm to play with

Oh, the power of the Press! Only nine days after GoMo News wrote this, ‘Plea to Ballmer – can you take Elop back please?‘, he has obliged. Elop is now going back to Microsoft as an executive vp for Nokia Devices & Service. If you remembered what Microsoft did to Brit handset manufacturer, Sendo, you’d have known that this was on the cards. Elop has done his job of depressing the price of Nokia’s shares and Microsoft has got the former No: 1 handset maker at a bargain $7.17 billion. Probably the most important part of the deal from Microsoft’s perspective is it acquires Nokia’s existing arrangements with chip maker, Qualcomm. No more reliance on Intel. Continue reading

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Asha 501 should prove Nokia isn’t a spent force

Handset has strong appeal in markets like India

Hot on the heels of Nokia’s launch of the Asha 501, GoMo News has been deluged with observers proclaiming that handsets such as this should help to prove Nokia isn’t a spent force in emerging markets – and India in particular. A typical example comes from Marco Veremis CEO of Upstream, whose recent research into mobile attitudes in emerging markets indicates that the Nokia brand is far from dead on a global basis. Continue reading

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Samsung & Nokia stronger brands than Apple in India

Rating: Upstreams data mines its report for GoMo News

With a large percentage of GoMo News‘ readers being based in India, we asked marketing technology company Upstream to mine the data in its recent report - The 2013 Emerging Markets Mobile Attitudes Report, purely to reflect the Indian market. The results show that whilst Nokia has lost popularity in the West (it was never that popular in the USA), the same doesn’t apply to India. More Indians aspire to owning a Nokia than those who would prefer to have an Apple smartphone. Continue reading

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Apple losing its bite as Samsung and Nokia named most coveted handset brands in emerging markets

New report finds Mobile Network Operators will be ‘King Makers’ as leading handset manufacturers turn to emerging markets for next billion customers

Press release

March 15th 2013. With eyes set on how the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and new handsets from Nokia will impact Apple’s Western dominance, a new report points to mobile network operators as the new ‘king makers’ in emerging markets, as smartphone giants adapt their strategies and handset functionality to acquire their next billion customers from these regions. The 2013 Emerging Markets Mobile Attitudes Report from marketing technology company Upstream, which commissioned YouGov and Vanson Bourne to poll the views of a representative sample of 3,670 adults in Brazil, India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

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Facebook mobile advertising platform backlash

Rating: 64 % of UK consumers do not want advertising on their mobile

With Facebook finally announcing its mobile advertising plans (see our previous story here), the new advertising platform should mean that users will now see sponsored stories in their news feeds when browsing Facebook on their mobile phones. However, British and American consumers are warning of a potential backlash. As many as 67 per cent of US consumers do not want to be advertised to on their mobile phone. Which is kind of bad news for Facebook. Continue reading

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