Ten ways to target Twitter users with Mobile Marketing

I have recently been getting short-codes with adverts and company links sent to me via Twitter.  The name of the user becomes the brand or the offer and the introduction welcome message or name is the shortcode.

e.g. Free Pizza (txt fp to 660033) is now following you on Twitter

Now.  When I received my first one of these I just deleted it and moved on. But when I got my second one from someone I was following with a free ringtone – I followed it through.  The promotion wasn’t spam and there were no messy sign-up or hidden fees it was a direct marketing message that did what it said, “gives you a free ringtone”.

I waited for the SPAM to follow after that but nothing. I was shocked!  One would, or at least I would assume that spammers or anyone with illegal intent would use Twitter to make a quick buck. 

Indeed abuse might be likely.  But even with that in mind I was happier to click or use my mobile to sign up for a ring-tone.  I am not sure if I would have tested the adult services (also used by the mobile marketing Twitter channel ) in fact, I know I wouldn’t have – but the experience with the ringtone was a pleasant surprise.  In fact I quickly realised how Twitter could be an amazing channel for mobile marketing.

Because with Twitter it’s like the free SMS space of your time – where you can add and delete people at will. You can protect your updates or not. You can read your messages make friends or chat to strangers at will. So sending someone a DM (direct message) or twittering a shortcode is not like SPAM its where SPAM become self-expression or promotion.

As an example, I met my newest writer on GoMo News via Twitter. She had seen the GoMo News site and added me as a friend and started messaging me publically. I responded and before you knew it she was sending me things to read and I hired her. It was only after a tipsy evening in Las Vegas did she admit that she had been following me with ever attempt to get a job and she laughed she had “twitter stalked” me.

Now, at the time I didn’t comprehend this, but thinking about it now. Yikes. You can use Twitter for your own gain and there is no reason why mobile marketers shouldn’t either. Targeting is always 90% of the battle and if you target a niche crowd with a genuine interest – success will come.

So, this is how you can start to use mobile marketing via Twitter in ten easy steps.

1. Think of a promotion to promote your content. For example if you are a ringtone company think of a genre or a mobile wallpaper company focus on a film or famous person.

2. Start using Twitter and sign-up with a name that reflects a) either your company or b) your offer and target market

3. Don’t use Twitter search for keywords and then SPAM everyone that is discussing your product, band or film.  That will be extremely ineffective and will upset some people to talk nasty about you which could nip your Twitter mobile marketing career in the bud.

4. Do add people that fit your genre or discuss your brand and product as friends. If they become your friend back say thank-you and add a link to your web or mobile site. But don’t over do it.

5. Do not send any mobile sales offer to this person immediately. That might cause them to stop following you or block you by protecting their updates. That again would not do you any favours.

6. Start using Twitter for your own self promotion (3 tweets per day) and message at good traffic times (work starts – work about to end and just before bedtime) in your time-zone. Make sure you write concise messages of what you offer or what your are promoting.           
E.g. finished great update to (musician) mobile site we now have 100K wallpapers and 10 albums for download (link)

7. Not every time but at least once in 2 days RT (re-tweet) any mention your target market has of your band, content offer.

8. If you are in sales, I would always recommend the RT version of attracting attention via Twitter rather than the @ (approaching them directly)

9. On the 7th day – if you have become friends done one or two RT’s you are ready to go. Use the DM section to send them a mobile marketing offer for txt use.

10. Now this is the killer cherry on the top last hint… After you DM the person send an open message to everyone

e.g. sent this to friends but anyone can benefit from this promotion (type of content) LINK


Then get your colleague or a friend who is also using Twitter to target people  to RT your message.

Does this sound like a science – it very well could be!

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  1. Houston says:

    I think that Mobile Should stay away from Twitter. Twitter is becoming nothing but SPAM! SMS i think bring a more qualified user.

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