The GoMo News Advertising Directory (MADS) gets an update

New directory sponsor is Splicky and latest addition is Ripple

The team here at GoMo Towers is in the process of updating the GoMo News Advertising Directory which currently covers 193 mobile marketing companies. We’d also like the opportunity to welcome our new sponsor -¬†Splicky. The GoMo Ads Directory is currently ranked second by Google amongst the independent company guides – but we’re mow working hard to get our Top ranking back! If your company isn’t included please gt in touch with our team as soon as possible (details below).

Splicky is an easy to use self-service mobile demand side platform (DSP) using real-time bidding (RTB) technology.

Gain access to all global mobile inventory using just one platform with total control, insights and full transparency.

The company’s technology ensures users only bid on impressions based on your targeting parameters.

Advertisers can buy on CPM and CPC with full conversion tracking available.

Ripple. Ripple is Affle’s cross screen ad platform for brand & performance advertisers.

Extensive R&D on ad units & ad optimisation has helped it to deliver over 10,000 campaigns.

To ensure your company is listed in our directory contact: -

Geoff Dennis – Marketing & Adversting

Tara Seabrook – Advertising

Tony Dennis – Managing Editor

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