There’s a gap in the clouds for Synthesis

Rating: Ace synchronising software for Android looks for outlets

The concept behind ‘cloud computing’ is nothing really new. It’s just that the technology has become more viable as internet access speeds get faster. And in the case of devices accessing the mobile cloud, as the smartphones, wireless PDAs, and tablets have been acquiring more and more powerful processors. Hence, GoMo News decided to revisit one of the stalwarts of British online computing – CIX. Searching through CIX’s help pages we came across a really intriguing piece of software from the Swiss software specialist – Synthesis. The company has recently [August 2011] updated its Android client software so that it can sync all the personal data on your mobile device with an online service operating in the cloud. Except that CIX doesn’t support Synthesis any more, so we’re currently looking for alternatives. One of the best hopes is a service called Funambol MediaHub. But Funambol itself needs clients so there really is a gap if the market for a really good online host for Synthesis’ client!We’ve long known that CIX have been experts on the cloud having launched CIX office way back when.

The trouble is that CIX makes a monthly charge for Office whereas Google with Google docs provides a very similar offering for free. So CIX – which is customer-driven – hasn’t really followed up with Synthesis compatibility.

What does the Synthesis Android client do? Well, think back to the good old days of PIM (Personal Information Management) software. These kept your personal data – like contacts/addessbooks; calendars; and tasks/ToDo lists in one place.

Funambol’s MediaHub describes itself as a cloud digital locker that syncs PIM data along with pictures, video and music, and documents across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs.

Funambol is essentially offering an iCloud like service which is aimed at those people who aren’t slaves to Cupertino’s offerings.

The catch is that MediaHub is essentially a ‘white label’ product which means the software is provided to mobile operators, device makers, portals or system integrators.

Exactly the sort of organisations who have been starting their own app stores, for example.

We’ll be better able to report just how good the SyncML based Synthesis app is when we’ve identified a suitable host service.

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  1. Hal Steger says:

    Thanks for covering Funambol in your article. A couple of related points: 1) People can try Funambol MediaHub for free on the myFUNAMBOL Portal at Also, several of the types of companies mentioned are in the process of deploying MediaHub, these will be announced in the next few weeks, these will provide other alternatives. Thanks, Hal Steger, Funambol

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