ThreatTrack isn’t a threat after all

GoMo eventually decides to trust Vipre Mobile Security Android app

It’s a well-known fact that a piece of software warning you that your computing device is infected is often the actual virus itself. So here at GoMo Towers we decided to err on the side of caution when Christopher Boyd who is a senior threat researcher for ThreatTrack recomended that we should install a package called Vipre Mobile Security (see here). We warned of the possible danger. Now we have changed our minds. It seems genuine.

For starters, GoMo found that Vipre is actually available via Google Play here.

The other factor that swung it in Virpre’s favour was the fact that when we installed the app on our loan Motorola RAZR HD Android handset, neither AVG or Avast! identified it as a threat.

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