Tools that aid in iPhone app development

by Juned Ahmed, a mobile business consultant at Indian App Developers

The iPhone’s success has taken the world of mobile apps to the next level altogether. More and more mobile app developers are participating in iPhone app development. They want to enhance the user experience with these apps. Most of the apps have been introduced based on the customer feedback provided. However, there are instances where most people have indulged in experience based apps such as an ebook reader or an entertainment schedulers. Well, users may be a developer for mobile apps, but not necessarily for iPhone based apps. This is why users need help of tools that will ease the whole process out for users. All users need to do is purchase or download these tools and use them to create the necessary mobile apps for users’ iPhone. Here’s my list of useful apps that will aid in the iPhone app development process.

Sweb Apps

Don’t know how to code an app for iPhone? Well, here’s a way to develop a mobile app for iPhone without coding.

Just get online and continue to Sweb Apps. There are some basic templates available as part of this tool which users can customise and manipulate to create their own apps.

Users can also include the graphics from the tool library.  Users can even control the front end of users’ app with this tool. Interesting to combine and an easy to use!

This tool is pretty effective and works without having to download it. The cost is $50 per button and users can create either a four or six or eight button package.


For all thosewho have amazing ideas for iPhone app development, but cannot somehow process it, there’s an app for users.

AppIncubator allows Users to submit users’ ideas with regards to an app to iPhone team.

The developers of this team will code users’ app and make it see the light of the day.

Users just need to visit the storyboard to tell how users wish the app should be working. users can download the app for free and get up to 25 per cent of the revenue share in case an app becomes successful.


If users are a news organization and wish to create native apps for iPhone, then use this tool to their benefit.

With this tool, users can create an icon, a splash screen and write the description for the tool which would be used by iTunes. users can even build users’ app using the online tools, and further use the app to load the content.

This could be anything from photos to news articles. It costs $88 to build users’ app using this tool and $28 per month to maintain it.


This works in a similar format to SwebApps. Users get app kits to perform users’ iPhone app development.

These app settings include gadgets, icons and behavioral elements. users can build apps for a variety of industries using this app kit.

Users can start off from the scratch or build an app for one that is already built. users can even build apps for Android platforms using this tool.


Users can sell their content using the apps built via this tool. This content can be music, e-books etc. users can create custom quizzes, twitter based apps, or an app for their blog using this tool.

Users can build their app online by logging into the control panel of this service. users just need to submit details for this app in here. The company will use the information to build their app as users want it for iPhone.

Users can avail the myappbuilder service for about $29 per month. The whole processing charges is about $20.


Those of users interested in getting an e-book app started, this is their ideal tool. users can create e-books for iPhone using this tool.

This will convert the e-book into all the possible formats which include PDF, Doc, Zip, CHM, HTML etc.

Users can even specify the fonts and sizes for their e-book using this tool. Users can add images and notes and even lock the format in either portrait or landscape as users wish to.


Love gaming? Users can create gaming apps without actually having to indulge in coding – with this tool in hand, which is visual editing software, users can create games for the web as well as for iPhone.

Users can create action based games that involves interactions and other attributes. users can drag and drop art as well as sound files from their computer to create the game.

Users can even tweak the elements while building their game.

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