Top Ten things users don’t know about their iPhone

We can’t believe some fanbois don’t know about the torch function

92% of Apple fanbois send themselves a birthday greeting

Researchers for recently gave 650 Apple iPhone users a list of ten features and asked if they were aware of their existence. The results were intriguing. Topping the poll was the ability to use the ‘volume up’ button on the side of the iPhone. Over two thirds (68 per cent) had no idea of this function – i.e. that the button doubles as the shutter for the camera. Consequently, has been able to come up with a list of “ten things you always wanted to know about the iPhone but were afraid to ask.”

One woman who took part in the poll commented, “Ive had my iPhone for years now and I’m still finding out new things.”

She added, “I had absolutely no idea that I could use the ‘volume up’ button to take pictures ­ it’s been a real revelation finding that out.”

GoMo News is hardly surprised by the fact that over six in ten (65 per cent) were oblivious to he iPhone’s spirit level utility as a handy gadget.

However, whilst many respondents were aware of Siri – the iPhone’s voice activation program, a majority (62 per cent) didn’t know you could teach it to pronounce things correctly.

For more than half (57 per cent) of iPhone users, the ability to shake the phone to delete all the text in either a text or email message was unknown – putting it in fourth place of the Top Ten Unknowns.

Fifth and sixth spots were also Siri  related. Users had no idea they could utilise it to search Twitter or that Siri could be used to block contacts.

31 per cent were unaware of the iPhone’s personal trainer program, bringing it in eighth place.

Now the last two are somewhat surprising. In at Nine was  no knowledge of the torch function!

You have to wonder how many didn’t realise the iPhone can make phone calls?

It’s unbelievable but in at Number Ten is the iPhone’s ability to send yourself a birthday message.

Apple fanbois are really sad if 92 per cent of them know their phone can send them a birthday message.

A spokesperson for the discount travel site,, commented, “All the iPhone users I know are deeply attached to their phone. It is almost an extension to their body. ”

“Therefore, I am surprised to see that so many of us are unaware of some really basic gadgets.”

The Top Ten iPhone Unknowns

Volume up button as camera shutter ­ 68 per cent
Spirit Level ­ 65 per cent
Teach Siri to pronounce words correctly ­ 62 per cent
Delete text by shaking ­ 57 per cent
Use Siri to search twitter ­ 54 per cent
Block Contacts ­ 48 per cent
Accents on letters ­ 36 per cent
Personal trainer ­ 31 per cent
Torch ­ 9 per cent
Send yourself birthday message ­ 8 per cent

Notes: Percentages refer to those who were unaware of that particular feature. All the above features refer to iOS 7.

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