TravelSim users collectively saved $200m + whilst roaming in 2013

Particularly attractive service for business travellers

Business travellers in particular are always looking for ways to reduce their roaming charges (particularly for data) whilst on trips abroad. And here’s concrete evidence that Top Connect’s TravelSim can help. TravelSim’s userbase is made up of direct users along with customers of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) across the world.  More than half (roughly 60 per cent) are business travellers. Well, collectively, TravelSim’s 3.5 million userbase saved over $200 million in calling and data download charges during 2013.

That figure is calculated by comparing TravelSim’s service with costs that would have been amassed if its userbase had paid standard roaming charges to their local providers whilst travelling abroad.

TravelSim revealed that its userbase is increasing by around 80,000 per month.

By end 2014,  the company is predicting that the userbase will have grown to over 4 million.

Naturally that will result in increased calling and data download savings for the firm’s customers whilst travelling.

TravelSIm has agreements with Tier One GSM providers worldwide, so that it can provide a high quality but low cost service through which customers can save up to 85 per cent on making calls while abroad.

Presently, the TravelSim product can be used in 190 countries and significantly, it also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries plus free worldwide SMS.

TravelSim is always looking for additional potential distributors and any interested GoMo News readers should email the company here.

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  1. Chris Edeh says:

    Great innovation in the hospitality industry

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