Upstream says Nokia is aiming X2 @ India

We say Nokia is competing vs Blackberry over Indonesia

that's definitely a street map of Jakarta

Even though the original Nokia X is barely six months old, last week [June 24th 2014] the handset division of Microsoft launched the Nokia X2. It’s running what most observers refer to as a ‘forked’ version of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) but this time it has a more Nokia/Microsoft style UI. It’s also avoiding Google’s Play app store as far as technically possible. If users aren’t content with the Nokia Store, then the handset vendor recommends other stores such as 1Mobile Market, Aptoide, SlideME, Mobango and Yandex. Now Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream reckons that Nokia is definitely targeting India with this device. Given that it should be priced sub INR 8,000 (€99) that seems a fair assumption. However, GoMo News thinks it has spotted a deliberate attempt to competing in Blackberry’s favourite market – Indonesia.

Why do we think that? Well, Nokia is a handset maker based in Finland and owned by a company based in the USA. So why does the navigation app in promtional shots of the X2 show a street in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The answer is obvious. The latest version of BlackBerry’s smartphone is not only aimed at Indonesia consumers, it is actually called the Jakarta.

So why does Upstream’s Vasileios Tziokas believe that Nokia has very definitely got the Indian market in mind with the X2?

The answer lies with a recent report that Upstream has carried out nto consumer attitudes in emerging markets, which uncovered that Nokia is still the third most popular brand in India.

Tziokas says,”Nokia’s decision to release the X2 just 6 months after the X is a bold move that has produced a genuinely interesting device.”

He continues, “The release of a replacement device so soon tacitly admits that their first attempt at an Android based, emerging markets handset was a little wide off the mark and didn’t offer consumers the user experience they most likely expected from such a well-known brand.”

“The release of the X2 shows that Nokia is committed to emerging markets, that they [Nokia] are listening to consumers and are willing to put some weight behind their approach to the market.”

He recons that Nokia’s focus on India at the actual launch event wass note-worthy. He believes that India is likely to be a launch country for the new device. Offcially the X2 is due out in Q3 2014.

Tziokas adds, “Our own research found that nearly one in five Indian consumers would like to buy their next phone from Nokia, which coupled with the $99/£58 price tag should signal success for its latest offering.”

Vasileios Tziokas advice? “Now that Nokia has a compelling product, teaming up with a local operator to provide unique and engaging content can only help their push into emerging markets,” he argues.

Interestingly, when GoMo News was investigation the Nokia X2′s full specs. we noticed that Nokia couldn’t bring itself to say that it was actually using Android v 4.3 Jelly Bean.

We also noted a vital IM client missing from the comprehensive list of instant messaging services it supports. BlackBerry’s BBM, of course.

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