Vectone casualty in UK’s Maggie Thatcher spat

Rating: Independent ringback tone service from Vectone has gone missing

GoMo News has become absolutely fascinated by the UK’s mobile industry’s complete failure to pick up on the opportunities created by the death of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Emotions are running high here in Blighty [the UK], especially given the fact that tomorrow’s [April 17th 2013] State Funeral for Maggie threatens to create as much civil unrest as the original protests against her ‘Poll tax’. Stepping into the void created by the UK’s mobile content Kings, GoMo News took the trouble to outline how people could create a Maggie ringtone here. Now we’ve discovered that it isn’t possible to have a Maggie related ringback tone.

Last time GoMo News researched the back water which is ringback tones in the UK, there was only one operator – in fact the MVNO, Vectone, which enabled consumers to create their own ringback tones.

Well, that facility has subsequently totally disappeared and the agent we spoke to on the Vectone help desk doesn’t know why.

We initially thought that this problem might stem from terminology. After all, ringback tones are frequently referred to as Caller Tunes.

That was  notthe case with Vectone, however. The company’s web site still says here, “Simply log-in to My Vectone and go to the My Theme Tunes tab.”

The problem is that there is no longer a My Theme Tunes tab to be found on the Vectone web site even when you successfully log on.

Which spoilt our plan because, in the interest of journalistic/editorial  balance, we had proposed to create a ringback tone based on the Notsensibles ‘I love Margaret Thatcher’ given that our ringtone was based on Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (anti-Thatcher).

Never mind, we thought. We will simply put an appropriately patriotic ringback tone on our Orange mobile phone courtesy of Ringtagz. No such luck. Nothing appropriate.

But – in the process- we did manage to dispel another myth. There were claims in thePress that I love Maggie was doing better than the Witch in terms of iTunes downloads in the UK.

Not true. GoMo News has just gone onto the UK’s iTunes singles download chart (via iTunes on our PC) and found that I love Maggie was No. # 87.

That’s despite other Press reports that it had reached no # 6. By contrast, Ding Dong was at No. # 48.

We know that we’re out on a limb here with the Thatcher debate.

Our loan Motorola RAZR HD started to ring and therefore began to play the Witch is Dead on a crowded train. Other passengers were either shocked or full of mirth.

What a missed opportunity for the UK’s mobile content suppliers.

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