View your IP camera anywhere, anytime with Cloudview

Video surveillance system now supports IP as well as analogue cameras

key benefit of the cloud - wickes

A  cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution, Cloudview has been extended so that it can support IP as well as analogue cameras. The Cloudview dashboard can be viewed from anywhere in the world from a browser  on a tablet or smartphone – no need for any apps. Previously,  customers with analogue cameras uploaded footage simply by connecting a small Visual Network Adapter (VNA) to the analogue video feed. This update allows digital video from IP-based cameras to also be captured and uploaded to the cloud and in exactly the same manner, using the same VNA hardware. All without impacting existing local monitoring and recording arrangements.

“This update will further extend the reach of the Cloudview service allowing customers to upload and manage surveillance footage regardless of make or camera technology involved,” claimed Cloudview CEO, James Wickes.

“A key benefit of the cloud is the ability to deliver extra functionality at no extra cost,” he added.

“This release widens the gap between Cloudview and other VSaaS services, enabling customers to build scalable and comprehensive surveillance solutions, with or without a local recording infrastructure.”

The company claims that no special training is needed to install or configure the VNA.

First connect the VNA to the camera network via the integrated Ethernet port, then specify the camera’s address using the built-in web-based management interface.

The VNA will immediately start sampling and uploading footage using the same scheduling technology as applied to analogue cameras.

The Cloudview system is currently able to work with any camera capable of MJPEG video encoding with support for H.264 encoding to be added in a further update later in 2014.

H.264 support could prove interesting because it is widely used for video calling.

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