X could mark start of Motorola’s comeback

Moto X smartphone designed by mobile guys not a desktop conversion

come on everybody - twist & snap

We knew we would probably be impressed with the latest smartphone from Motorola and we weren’t disappointed with the Moto X. It really does illustrate what should happen when you marry a veteran manufacturer of mobile phones with an industry leading software supplier. Sorry Microsoft/Nokia we’re not talking about you – we are looking at the Motorola/Google combi. Strangely enough, few observers seem to have mentioned the dreaded ‘A’ word but here at GoMo Towers we can clearly see that ‘Touchless Control’ inside the Moto X is Motorola’s answer to the iPhone’s Siri. The Moto X could take on the smartphone duopoly and still win, we feel.

Remember the Motorla Defy? It was aimed at party goers. Well, the Moto X is fine tuned for the impulse snapper [photographer].

Say, you suddenly spot something which could earn you £250 from a TV show like ‘You’ve been framed’. Where your entertaining videos bring you the money.

Well, with a typical Android handset you’d be fighting to turn the screen lock control off, and then have to find the camera icon.

Not with the Moto X. With ‘Quick Capture’, all you need to do is twist your wrist twice and the camera automatically fires up.

So you can start videoing in seconds. Try that even with a dedicated ‘camera’ button on a typical Android handset.

Our next favourite is the ‘Active Display’. This has been designed by a handset company which has learnt that smartphones really do replace other gadgets such as alarm clocks.

Or in this case, wristwatches. You don’t have to unlock the screen and waste precious electrons on firing up the Moto X’s full screen to see the time.

Instead, it just sits there consuming minimal battery power showing you the time plus other important events (such as texts/SMS) depending on how you configure it.

Now GoMo News has always been a bit of a  critic of voice control systems. But with Touchless control, it really does seem pretty simple to activate functions within  your Moto X smartphone without touching it.

Siri does all these things on paper but the Moto G appears to have made the whol process much simpler.

So. As you can tell, here at GoMo Towers we’re really sold on the Moto X. Now all we’ve got to do is dig out the full tech specs and retail pricing – although £380 SIM free [unlocked] seems to be the ball park figure.

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