Yes you can play casino games on your mobile

GoMo discovers how through William Hill Casino

The Monaco Grand Prix is probably the most famous race in the Formula One (F1) motor racing calendar. And it’s this weekend [May 2013]. So GoMo News thought we continue our long tradition and try to place a bet from our mobile phone. This time we decided to pick William Hill which appears to offer the widest range of betting methods for mobile phones of any betting shop chain in the UK. In the process we discovered that it is actually possible to gamble real money on casino style games courtesy of William Hill Casino Club Mobile.

We suspect that many readers have finger trouble like us and get frustrated at typing in a really long URL like

Luckily there are a number of shortcuts.

If you type in the above URL via a desktop computer’s browser, it will give you a couple of options.

One is to supply the game you want, the country you are in and you mobile’s telephone number.

The alternative is to scan in the barcode which is provided on that page. We also made another interesting discovery.

If you scan the barcode in with an iPad, for example, it will take you to

This is significant because it allows iPad users to play a very wide range of casino style games – such as European roulette on the Apple tablet without a need to download lots of different apps.

The reason we wanted to prove it is possible to play casino games for money is that one of our US based readers claimed it is impossible – failing to realise that the USA has some fairly Draconian anti-gambling laws.

You can play away over here in Blighty. Incidentally, you don’t have to sign up to become a full member of William Hill to try out many of the games – there is frequently a ‘free’ play mode.

Back to F1, we signed into the William Hill mobile site using this URL. Then all we had to do is find ‘Motor racing’ and select the Monaco F1 Grand Prix from there.

For once, with William Hill’s signing up  facility for betting, itwas so mobile friendly that we didn’t need to create an account via a PC and the HTML site.

There are also an impressive number of ways of paying for you bet besides credit/debit card.

There’s Paypal if you are feeling brave or Click2Pay if you happen to be based in Eire. Sadly no Payforit option.

All we’ve got to do now is guess who will win the Monaco Grand Prix.

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