Yet more iWatch rumours surface

Research note unbelievably claims that the device will support NFC


how todd thinks an iwatch might look

We’ve just checked here at GoMo Towers and it’s over a year since we published our first story about a rumoured wearable technology device from Apple which everyone has codenamed (probably correctly) as the iWatch. Before you get too excited, this time the device is predicted to ship in Q4 2014. Which means that it is unlikely to be announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference which in 2014 will be held between June 2nd-6th. The bit which amuses GoMo News most is that the “comprehensive” research note from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the iWatch will support NFC.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s note was obtained by AppleInsider here. And the publication claims the iWatch will offer NFC support.

The exact quote is it will boast, “Hardware backing up iOS device compatibility are near-field communication with a ‘secure element’; biometric recognition; and adoption of a system-in-package (SiP) design for slimness.”

How can these guys fail to notice that Apple distains NFC and has yet to build it into a single iPhone.

Instead Apple prefers its own wireless technology in the shape of AirDrop which is Wi-fi based. (See ‘Apple’s woes are probably Wi-fi related‘).

More likely than NFC is some form of Bluetooth low power which would probably be up to the job because backup doesn’t need to be that fast.

But wait. There are already rumours that the forthcoming iPhone 6 will support NFC. So could GoMo could be wrong.

After all, we didn’t initially believe that Nokia would launch an Android based handset and it did (the Nokia X).

But wait. Here’s a report speculating that the iPhone 6 will boast NFC compatibility in Networkworld.

And the source of this NFC rumour. Why “a recent research report from the typically accurate Ming-Chi Kuo”, of course.

More believable is the speculation that the iWatches will be incredibly expensive (think $1,000) compared to existing smartwatches.

This is credible because Apple could be pitching the devices against designer watches from the like of Tag. Not Bluetooth based heart monitor sensors.

Kuo expects Apple to shift 5.5 million iWatch in Q4 2014 alone.
That number is forecast to jump to 30-50 million units for the whole of 2015. It’s possible.

GoMo News likes how CNET chose to illustrate its latest iWatch rumours story.

The pictures are actually the work of a bored designer – Todd Hamilton. You can find his article here.

We like his thinking. Apple hasn’t yet released an iWatch although it has taken steps to patent the name. So he can call it iWatch concept if he wants.

Which leads GoMo to speculate (totally unfounded, naturally) that Apple’s answer to Google Glass will be the iPiece. [Geddit?]

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